txakoli Gorka Izagirre, spanish wine txakoli




Only in exceptional years does nature let us wait until November to harvest our select, Hondarrabi Zerratia vines.
After fermenting in new, French-oak barrels and after maturing in the bottle, this sweet grape juice becomes ARIMA, a pure Biscay essence.

Tasting notes

It has an elegant, bright and spotless presence. It leaves a good glycerine presence on the glass, with slow tear detachment. Its colour is bright yellow.
It has a high aromatic density. Noble aromas blend with very ripe fruit perfectly; of which is caramelized and in contrast a spicy cinnamon touch in the background.
On a second level, there are touches of honey wrapped in citrus and essences of daffodil and acacia flower.
Silky and embracing. A greedy, fruity and herbal sensation which releases a spectacular acidity that ensures superb future evolution full of crystallized fruit and honey.

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