Restaurant Sustainability Bilbao-Vizcaya

Technical Details


The access to the greenhouse is directly from the top. To the dining room and the educational zone (half-buried), from the parking located at the intermediate level.

The visitor is received at the garden-like hall and then redirected to the different spaces located at this level (kitchen and dining hall).

The greenhouse-control room, the maintenance facilities and a dressing room for the employees are at the lower level.

The new building allows nature to mix with architecture. It is a space where limits are broken; nature breaks into the interior of the building and covers the top.

Bioclimatic aspects:

- The roof of the building is used to plant vegetables and aromatic plants on the garden and the greenhouse. Vegetation is part of the building.

- The greenhouse faces south and the dining room North. This enables the building to gain heat during the winter, and the dining room has no need of shadowing.

- The space is organized through an atrium with an interior garden that allows the kitchen to have natural light and no need of artificial light.

- The atrium acts as a “climate shock absorber” to reduce the need of acclimatization of the building.

- The south façade and the glass cover of the atrium have a solar collection system that also serves to shadow the atrium during the summer.


- Most of the building solutions used are very easy to deconstruct.

- The facades, forge and the interior partitions, are made of local certified wood.

- Many of the used materials are recycled materials (ceramic, slag, plastic, glass, aluminum…)


- Increase of the thermal insulation by 400% more than required by law. Achieved by:

- Green cover that has a water tank under it (and over a wood forge).

- The glass used in the building façade improves energy saving by 50%.

- It has a photovoltaic installation for own consumption. The estimated annual production is 19340 KWH.

- 90% of the thermal necessities of the building (both in heat and cold) are based on a geothermic installation. It has 18 holes that are 125 meters deep and produce 165000KWH every year.

- Use of overnight ventilation to reduce interior temperature during summer.

- The building has plugs for electric vehicles.

- All the building lighting is obtained by energy efficient equipment that can be adjusted.


- It has a water tank for rainwater that covers 100% of the irrigation necessities of the vegetable garden and the greenhouse. It also acts as a water reserve in case there is a fire.

- There is another rainwater tank that covers 100% of the water needed for the toilets.

Interior air quality:

- The air installation works with 100% of exterior air.