Eneko Atxa chef, Restaurante Azurmendi eventos


Eneko Atxa´s philosophy could be summarized in the concept “harmony”. His creations integrate the territory and its resources, the ancestral cultural roots, the products of traditional Basque recipe book, the cooperation with the immediate surroundings, technical tools available to him, all in an attempt to create pleasure, improve, generate added value for the activity and the sector, share wealth and knowledge; in conclusion, growing, in broad sense in a constant and sustainable manner. As a result, Eneko Atxa´s cuisine is intense, deep rooted in the local identity, where strengths interact in a balanced manner, to make the gastronomic experience a tribute to the senses of each client approaching his “house Azurmendi”.

Eneko Atxa: ‘The differentiating value of Azurmendi comes marked by a territory, a way of understanding and transmitting values that everyone has and which have been picked up at home’.

On egin!



The mission: Azurmendi Enea, S.L. is an organization whose mission is to generate wealth in its environment from a respectful attitude towards it and to create delight for the customers by using quality products, professional service and creating innovative dishes that make the visit to our home an unforgettable enogastronomic experience. 


Azurmendi's vision is to be an "organization:

· Respectful with the environment,

· Seeks to create satisfaction and wealth to its stakeholders,

· Managed with a single format,

· Innovative and flexible to fit the changes of society and its demands.

· Wants to be an example in the promotion of the values ​​that sustain it, as part of the reflexion processes of administration, universities, etc;

· Seeks to train future managers, chefs and professionals in the restoration sector.”


Values ​​on which is built Azurmendi’s culture and style:

· Customer orientation.

· Efficiency.

· Communication.

· Teamwork.

· Continuous improvement and innovation.

· Commitment-discipline.

· Sustainability of the business and the natural environment.

· Pressure tolerance and flexibility.

· Orientation to results.