Restaurant Sustainability Bilbao-Vizcaya

Learn how to post in our blog Grow Azurmendi

  • STEP 1 –> Write your name down.

  • STEP 2 –> Write a title for your post. 

  • STEP 3 -> Tell the Azurmendi community all you want about your experience in our Gourmet Restaurant***. If you have planted the seeds that you received in your visit, we would love you to tell us how are they evolving.

  • STEP 4-> Feel free to upload images. It is very simple. Just click on the red button that says 'Subir imagen' and choose the file from your computer. Then you can resize the picture manually.


  • STEP 5-> Select the category that you're talking about. If you are telling us about your experience in the restaurant, put 'My experience in Azurmendi'; if you are talking about your seeds, select 'My garden'; and if you are talking about sustainability choose 'Sustainability'.

  • STEP 6-> Finally, review the content you have written and if you think it is O.K. click 'Send'. Easy right?


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