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A representative of modern txakoli from Biscay; GORKA IZAGIRRE, is the result of assembling in the same proportion our local varieties Hondarrabi Zuri and Hondarrabi Zerratia, which are obtained from 21 hectares spread over 10 vineyards around Biscay.

The distinct production of each plot in the winery, allows each vineyard to reach its potential, achieving a wine that is fresh, lively and aromatic, which is surprising upon taste.

Tasting notes:

Nice, yellow straw-coloured, with a green shine and metallic iridescence. A highly intense aroma. lt combines a base of fresh apple and balsamic wrap with touches of Linden flower and a subtle hint of citrus. lt has a perfectly integrated acidity , which leaves you with a slightly bitter taste. Very lively with body, it is a long lasting wine.

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