Txakoli g22 Gorka Izagirre


G22 is the result of patience, observation, and tasting. It took a precise amount of years of work to really know each one of our vineyards, their peculiarities, and their potential. They served us well in creating this special coupage. In G22 we have combined the best of our properties to create a vintage txakoli, a wine that can reflect the rain, the sun, the wind, and the work of the vine growers… everything that took place in our vineyards over the course of this year. In short, Biscay in a bottle.
A special wine, thought of as being enjoyed today, yet it has a capacity of evolution that lets us enjoy even more of it in the years to come. G22. The vintage Txakoli.

Tasting notes:

Clean, iridescent, with an extremely elegant presence. With yellow adornments and intense, bright-green shines that highlight its freshness.
Intense and persistent aroma. The first sensation is pear, ripe apple, grapefruit, leading to a secondary sensory level of complexity combining white flower essences with hints of lemon balm, lime blossom, white nettle, and fennel seeds.
It is full and thick. The nice fruity sensation always allows space for floral and balsamic essences in the retro-tasting. Deep complexity.

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